911 service rates

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The Kentucky General Assembly has taken action to help localities across the Commonwealth maintain emergency 9-1-1 services.  It comes with increased costs for some cell phone users.


A problem with mobile phone routing is requiring west Tennessee residents to dial a new, 10-digit number in an emergency instead of  911.

A measure being filed in the Kentucky House would increase the monthly statewide wireless fee by 30 cents.  Proponents say the increase is needed to offset the loss of revenue as a result of declining land-line phone service.  

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A Kentucky Senator told the General Assembly that the state needs to find a new source of funding for the 911 emergency operation centers. 

Kenton County Republican legislator Christian McDaniel said the statewide taxes placed on traditional landline owners are significantly higher than those on mobile phone users, despite the fact that landline use has steadily deceased.  McDaniel said the fees need to be updated to meet the changes in technology.

“As the landlines continue to dwindle in terms of the usage, the fees are just not keeping up with the cost of doing business," said McDaniel.