Retro Cocktail Hour

Fridays at 11pm

Featuring Space Age, Pop, Bachelor Pad music, Exotica, Lounge music and Cocktail Jazz. From their Facebook page: The Retro Cocktail Hour serves up the music that's "shaken, not stirred" every Saturday at 7:00pm Central on Kansas Public Radio stations. Pour the Mai Tais and join in for two hours of exotica, crime jazz, bossa nova, Now Sound, space age pop, groovy soundtracks, Bollywood weirdness and other incredibly strange tunes. Hosted by Darrell Brogdon. Visit to stream shows from our program archive.

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August 03, 2012

11:01 PM
Artist : Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra
Album : The Best of Cugat
Label : Mercury
11:05 PM
Mini Skirt
Artist : Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica
Album : The Unforgettable Sounds of Esquivel
Label : Tiki
11:07 PM
Artist : Belmonte and his Orchestra
Album : Belmonte Plays Latin For Americans
Label : RCA
11:11 PM
Cha Cha Chamon
Artist : Si Zentner and his Orchestra
Album : High Noon Cha Cha Cha
Label : Bel Canto
11:13 PM
Bembe Negro
Artist : Don Ralke
Album : Bongo Madness
Label : Crown
11:17 PM
Opus in Chartreuse Cha Cha Cha
Artist : Stan Kenton and his Orchestra
Album : Viva Kenton!
Label : Capitol
11:21 PM
Mambo Beat
Artist : Tito Puente and his Orchestra
Album : Night Beat
Label : Koch
11:26 PM
No Quiero Sufrir
Artist : Paul Misraki
Album : And God Created Woman OST
Label : Cherry Red
11:28 PM
Deep Night
Artist : Les Baxter and his Orchestra
Album : Caribbean Moonlight
Label : Capitol
11:32 PM
Artist : The Arthur Lyman Group
Album : The Exotic Sound of the Arthur Lyman Group
Label : DCC
11:34 PM
Emerald Sea
Artist : Les Baxter
Album : Bora Bora OST
Label : American-International
11:38 PM
Soft Green Seas
Artist : Warren Barker/Warner Bros. Orchestra
Album : Hawaiian Eye OST
Label : Warner Bros.
11:41 PM
Friendly Islands
Artist : Don Tiki
Album : South of the Boudoir
Label : Taboo
11:44 PM
Voodoo Dreams
Artist : Martin Denny
Album : Hypnotique/Exotica III
Label : Scamp
11:48 PM
Artist : Frank Comstock and his Orchestra
Album : Patterns
Label : Columbia
11:50 PM
Walkin’ Bass
Artist : Henry Mancini
Album : More Music from Peter Gunn
Label : RCA Spain
11:55 PM
Brief and Breezy
Artist : Lola Albright
Album : Dreamsville
Label : Columbia
12:00 AM
Harlem Nocturne
Artist : 101 Strings
Album : Swingin' Things
Label : Alshire
12:05 AM
You’d Better Love Me
Artist : Jack Jones
Album : Closer Than a Kiss: Crooner Classics
Label : Rhino
12:06 AM
Lolita Ya Ya
Artist : Nelson Riddle
Album : Soundtracks with a Twist
Label : Rhino
12:10 AM
We Could Be Flying
Artist : The Singers Unlimited/Art van Damme
Album : Snowflakes
Label : Motor Music
12:15 AM
Girl On the Beach
Artist : James Clarke
Album : Girl On the Beach
Label : Vocalion
12:20 AM
Mas Que Nada
Artist : Veronneau
Album : Jazz Samba Project
Label : Veronneau Music
12:23 AM
The Pink Panther Theme
Artist : Waltel Branco
Album : Mancini Tambem e Samba
Label : Whatmusic
12:26 AM
Latin Snowfall
Artist : Henry Mancini
Album : Charade OST
Label : RCA
12:30 AM
Shadow of Love
Artist : The Gene Rains Group
Album : Rains in the Tropics
Label : Decca
12:33 AM
Night of Delight
Artist : The Spencer-Hagen Orchestra
Album : Essence of Romance
Label : Liberty
12:37 AM
How High the Moon
Artist : Leo Diamond
Album : Subliminal Sounds
Label : ABC-Paramount
12:40 AM
Star Dust
Artist : Les Blue Stars
Album : Jazz in Paris
Label : Gitanes
12:44 AM
Toss Me A Scalpel
Artist : Leith Stevens
Album : The Interns OST
Label : Colpix
12:46 AM
I Walk the Streets
Artist : Lyn Avalon
Album : n/a
Label : Saturn
12:48 AM
Percussive Woman
Artist : U.B.’s Group
Album : n/a
Label : Warner Bros.
12:53 AM
Artist : Det Moor and hsi Orchestra
Album : Jazz from Great TV Shows
Label : Family
12:55 AM
Far Out Place
Artist : Johnny Williams
Album : Checkmate OST
Label : Columbia