Retro Cocktail Hour

Fridays at 11pm

Featuring Space Age, Pop, Bachelor Pad music, Exotica, Lounge music and Cocktail Jazz. From their Facebook page: The Retro Cocktail Hour serves up the music that's "shaken, not stirred" every Saturday at 7:00pm Central on Kansas Public Radio stations. Pour the Mai Tais and join in for two hours of exotica, crime jazz, bossa nova, Now Sound, space age pop, groovy soundtracks, Bollywood weirdness and other incredibly strange tunes. Hosted by Darrell Brogdon. Visit to stream shows from our program archive.

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February 08, 2013

11:01 PM
Quiet Village
Artist : Les Baxter and his Orchestra
Album : The Exotic Moods of Les Baxter
Label : Capitol
11:05 PM
Artist : The Arthur Lyman Group
Album : The Best of the Arthur Lyman Group
Label : DCC
11:10 PM
Opening Ceremony
Artist : Danny Kaleikini
Album : Luau at the Hilton
Label : Hawaiian Village Mahalo
11:13 PM
Moon of Manakoora
Artist : Douglas Gamley and his Orchestra
Album : South Sea Island Magic
Label : Readers Digest
11:16 PM
Artist : Martin Denny
Album : Exotica
Label : Rev-Ola
11:21 PM
Return to Paradise
Artist : Phil Moore and his Orchestra
Album : Polynesian Paradise
Label : Strand
11:23 PM
Artist : Robert Drasnin
Album : Voodoo!
Label : Dionysus
11:26 PM
Chant of the Jungle
Artist : George Cates and his Orchestra
Album : Polynesian Percussion
Label : Dot
11:30 PM
Artist : The Waitiki 7
Album : Adventures in Paradise
Label : Pass Out
11:35 PM
My Little Grass Shack
Artist : Chick Floyd and his Orchestra
Album : Little Grass Shack
Label : Liberty
11:37 PM
South Sea Island Trade Winds
Artist : The 50 Guitars
Album : Return to Paradise
Label : Liberty
11:40 PM
Moon Mist
Artist : The Out Islanders
Album : Polynesian Fantasy
Label : Capitol
11:43 PM
Full Moon
Artist : Eden Ahbez
Album : Eden's Island
Label : Del-Fi
11:46 PM
Polynesian Village Love Theme
Artist : The Tikiyaki Orchestra
Album : Aloha, Baby!
Label : Future Primitive
11:50 PM
Quiet Village
Artist : Martin Denny
Album : Forbidden Island
Label : Scamp
11:53 PM
Moonlight and Shadows
Artist : Billy Ward Orchestra and Chorus
Album : Pagan Love Song
Label : Liberty
11:56 PM
Artist : Don Tiare and his Orchestra Exotique
Album : The Music of Les Baxter
Label : Mercury
12:00 AM
Hawaiian Eye Theme
Artist : Werner Muller and his Orchestra
Album : Hawaiian Swing
Label : London
12:05 AM
Sea Breeze
Artist : The Mary Kaye Trio
Album : Our Hawaii
Label : Master Classics
12:07 AM
Artist : The Surfmen
Album : The Sounds of Exotic Island
Label : Somerset
12:10 AM
Luau Is Calling You
Artist : Radio Commercial
Album : The Sound of Tiki
Label : Bear Family
12:12 AM
I’ll Weave You a Lei of Stars
Artist : Andy Williams
Album : To You Sweetheart, Aloha
Label : Collectables
12:16 AM
Quiet Village
Artist : Giorgio Cuscito
Album : Exotica
Label : Nuccia
12:19 AM
Bird of Paradise
Artist : Les Baxter and his Orchestra
Album : The Primitive and the Passionate
Label : Reprise
12:22 AM
Koko Head
Artist : Milt Raskin
Album : Kapu (Forbidden)
Label : Crown
12:27 AM
Artist : Paul Page
Album : The Reef Is Calling
Label : Paradise
12:28 AM
Pagan Love Song
Artist : George Poole and his Orchestra
Album : Hawaiian Enchantment
Label : Omega
12:32 AM
Quiet Village
Artist : Eddie Baxter
Album : The Fantastic Sounds of Eddie Baxter
Label : Dot
12:36 AM
Hawaiian War Chant
Artist : Leroy Holmes and his Orchestra
Album : Hawaii With a Bongo Beat
Label : MGM
12:40 AM
Polynesian Hay Ride
Artist : Alex Keack
Album : Surfers Paradise
Label : Crown
12:42 AM
Artist : Shorty Rogers
Album : Shorty Rogers Meets Tarzan
Label : MGM
12:46 AM
Dengue Fever
Artist : Ixtahuele
Album : n/a
Label :
12:48 AM
Friendly Islands
Artist : Don Tiki
Album : South of the Boudoir
Label : Taboo
12:51 AM
Paradise Found
Artist : Martin Denny
Album : Quiet Village/The Enchanted Sea
Label : Scamp
12:54 AM
Quiet Village
Artist : The Waitiki 7
Album : Waitiki in Hi-Fi
Label :