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Fans have been tuning in to "Music from the Front Porch" for over 30 years. The tradition of folk, bluegrass, acoustic and western swing continues with hosts John McMillen and Mike Gowen. Hear the best of old and new musicians from Bill Monroe and Woody Guthrie to Alison Krauss and Chris Thile.

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June 15, 2013

10:04 AM
Old Cold Coffee on the Dashboard
Artist : Nickel Creek
Album : Here to There
ReleaseYear : 1996
Label :
10:08 AM
Once I Had an Old Banjo
Artist : Mark Dvorak
Album : The Streets of Old Chicago
ReleaseYear : 2006
Label :
10:11 AM
Goin Down to Cairo
Artist : Dixie Volunteers with Mark Dvorak
Album : Pickin at the Homeplace
Label :
10:14 AM
Artist : Open Road
Album : Lucky Drive
ReleaseYear : 2005
Label :
10:18 AM
It Wasn’t You
Artist : Blue Highway
Album : Blue Highway
ReleaseYear : 1999
Label :
10:21 AM
Gilberton Road
Artist : Todd Phillips
Album : Todd Phillips, David Grier & Matt Flinner
ReleaseYear : 1999
Label :
10:25 AM
Long Time Gone
Artist : Tim O’Brien, Darrell Scott
Album : Real Time
ReleaseYear : 2000
Label :
10:29 AM
Midnight On The Higway
Artist : Hot Rize
Album : Hot Rize
ReleaseYear : 1979
Label :
10:31 AM
Devine Bell
Artist : Abigail Washburn
Album : City of Refuge
Composer : Abigail Washburn/Ketch Secor
Label :
10:34 AM
Mighty Dark To Travel
Artist : Ricky Skaggs
Album : Ancient Tones
ReleaseYear : 1999
Label :
10:37 AM
Turn It on, Turn It on, Turn It On
Artist : Rock County
Album : Rock County
ReleaseYear : 2002
Label :
10:41 AM
Whispers of the North
Artist : Tony Rice
Album : Tony Rice Sings Gordon Lightfoot
ReleaseYear : 1996
Label :
10:45 AM
Whistlin’ Rufus/Ragtime Annie
Artist : Dan Crary
Album : Jammed If I Do
ReleaseYear : 1994
Label :
10:49 AM
Long Time Gone
Artist : The Nashville Bluegrass Band
Album : The Boys Are Back in Town
ReleaseYear : 1990
Label :
10:53 AM
Artist : Grasstowne
Album : Kickin' Up Dust
Label :
10:55 AM
Gobbler’s Knob
Artist : The McKendrees
Album : Travelin' Back
Label :
10:58 AM
California Traveler
Artist : California
Album : Traveler
Label :
11:06 AM
If You Need A Fool
Artist : Del Mccoury
Album : Blue Side of Town
ReleaseYear : 1992
Label :
11:08 AM
Artist : Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
Album : You Gotta Dig a Little Deeper
ReleaseYear : 2005
Label :
11:12 AM
Sugar Mama
Artist : Town Mountain
Album : Steady Operator
Label :
11:15 AM
This World Oft Can Be
Artist : Della Mae
Album : This World Oft Can Be
Label :
11:18 AM
Walls of Time
Artist : Renegade Stringband
Album : Renegade Stringband
Label :
11:22 AM
Jewelled Lights
Artist : Martin Posen
Album : Triple Heater
ReleaseYear : 2000
Label :
11:26 AM
Mississippi Girl
Artist : Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three
Album : Middle of Everywhere
Label :
11:30 AM
Big Spike Hammer
Artist : California Connection
Album : The Bluegrass Album, Vol 3
Label :
11:33 AM
Midnight On the Stormy Deep
Artist : Sam Bush
Album : Circles Around Me
Composer : Traditional
ReleaseYear : 2009
Label :
11:36 AM
Buttermilk Road/The Arbours
Artist : Claire Lynch
Album : Dear Sister
Label :
11:40 AM
Coming Home
Artist : Chatham County Line
Album : Speed of the Whippoorwill
ReleaseYear : 2006
Label :
11:43 AM
Artist : Nashville Mandolin Ensemble
Album : Plectrasonics
ReleaseYear : 2001
Label :
11:47 AM
Here You Are
Artist : The Greencards
Album : Viridian
ReleaseYear : 2007
Label :
11:51 AM
Fading Memory
Artist : Eilen Jewell
Album : Sea Of Tears
ReleaseYear : 2009
Label :
11:55 AM
Artist : Nicki Bluhm
Album : Driftwood
ReleaseYear : 2010
Label :
11:59 AM
The Natural Bridge Suite
Artist : Bela Fleck
Album : Daybreak
Label :
12:06 PM
Briar Rose
Artist : Aoife O’Donovan
Album : Fossils
Label :
12:09 PM
Traveling Alone
Artist : Jason Isbell
Album : Southeastern
Label :
12:13 PM
Heartbreak Town
Artist : Darrell Scott
Album : Aloha from Nashville
ReleaseYear : 1997
Label :
12:18 PM
Artist : Doc Watson
Album : The Elementary Doctor Watson!
ReleaseYear : 1972
Label :
12:21 PM
A Walk With Friends
Artist : Jorma Kaukonen
Album : River of Time
ReleaseYear : 2009
Label :
12:25 PM
On A Roll
Artist : Scott Miller and the Commonwealth
Album : Citation
ReleaseYear : 2006
Label :
12:28 PM
Gypsy Friday
Artist : Townes Van Zandt
Album : In The Beginning
ReleaseYear : 2003
Label :
12:31 PM
Keys to the Kingdom
Artist : The Quiet American
Album : Wild Bill Jones
Label :
12:34 PM
My Little Carpenter
Artist : Uncle Earl
Album : Waterloo, Tennessee
ReleaseYear : 2007
Label :
12:38 PM
All Through Throwing Good Love After Bad
Artist : Guy Clark
Album : Old Friends
ReleaseYear : 1988
Label :
12:41 PM
Early Spring
Artist : Kyle Reeder and Mark Evitts
Album : The Tale of the Jester
Label :
12:45 PM
The Bad Days
Artist : David Ramirez
Album : The Rooster
Composer : David Ramirez
Label :
12:49 PM
Memories Are Made Of This
Artist : Johnny Cash
Album : Unchained
ReleaseYear : 1996
Label :
12:51 PM
Samuel Mason
Artist : Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand
Album : All the Good Summers
ReleaseYear : 2010
Label :
12:55 PM
Mighty Dark To Travel
Artist : Ricky Skaggs
Album : Ancient Tones
ReleaseYear : 1999
Label :
12:58 PM
Jamgrass 741
Artist : David Grisman; Sam Bush
Album : Hold On, We're Strummin'
ReleaseYear : 2003
Label :
9:01 am
Fri March 1, 2013

Western Kentucky Historian & Musician Featured on Sounds Good


WKMS hosts a special early-bird fundraising event with live string band music in Studio A for Sounds Good with Tracy Ross. One of the rotating hosts of Music from the Front Porch, Mike Gowen, joins in to introduce old-time string music of the Purchase Region with Nathan Blake Lynn and Josh Coffey, known through Bawn in the Mash and other groups. 

As part of today's special presentation, Nathan plays music from his historical music project titled The Places I Used To Know. The album features 10 original songs focused on Lynn’s experiences in the Jackson Purchase. All songs were written, performed, and engineered by Lynn at his farm in Heath, Kentucky. For more information visit

See a video describing the album and a special fundraiser premium after the jump.

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5:25 pm
Thu November 1, 2012

Bluegrass Benefit for Tony Williams

Josh Williams on Music from the Front Porch

Interview/Performance with Josh Williams

There’s a Bluegrass Benefit Friday night, November 1.  A life-threatening infection put Jackson Purchase Friends of Bluegrass’s Tony Williams in Vanderbilt hospital for a month and a half.  Tony’s home and better now.   His award-winning guitarist and vocalist son Josh Williams dropped in on Music from the Front Porch with Mark Welch last Saturday to talk about the benefit.

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3:34 pm
Thu August 9, 2012

Mexico to Maine: The David Wax Museum's sound collected in travel

"It in part comes from the Mexican influence, but most of the band didn't grow up in the northeast. I grew up in Virgina, David and Jordan are from Missouri. So you might also be hearing some of our southern roots."

The band David Wax Museum formed in Boston in 2007. They've since become hits at the Newport Folk Festival, won Song of the Year with “Born with a Broken Heart” and “Americana Artist of the Year” for the 2010 Boston Music Awards, and have starred in a mini documentary about their trip to China.

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ROMP 2012
10:50 am
Fri June 22, 2012

Fiddler Scott Moore on crossing borders and crossing genres

Scott Moore (right) and Gabe Witcher leading the fiddle workshop at ROMP 2011.

Scott Moore has been to Ireland, Ecuador, Poland, Australia, Canada, China, as well as around the U.S. playing his violin. He lives in Louisville now and plays fiddle for The 23 String Band- who will be playing at ROMP in Owensboro next week. Rose Krzton-Presson spoke with Scott about crossing borders, crossing genres, and where he’s looking to go next with his instrument.

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1:38 pm
Fri February 17, 2012

The Infamous Stringdusters play at Marathon Music Works

Jeremy Garrett (fiddle) and Chris Pandolfi (banjo) soundcheck before their show at Marathon Music Works.

The Infamous Stringdusters are touring Yonder Mountain String Band for the next two weeks. The 'Dusters just released their first recording from their independent label High Country Recordings called We'll Do It Live and will release their next album Silver Sky on March 12th.

Rose Krzton-Presson spoke with bandmembers before their show at Marathon Music Works in Nashville on February 10th about the newest albums, their festival circuit this year (including their very own Festy Experience), and being on the road with YMSB.