Yarmuth Calls Republican Healthcare Repeal Vote "Politics"

Jul 12, 2012

Hours after the Supreme Court upheld the health law Republicans were preparing for the repeal vote. By some counts it’s the thirty first time the House has voted to repeal all or part of the law.

The Supreme Court upheld the health law under Congress’ power to tax, and Republicans say it was important to have another vote now that it’s been dubbed a tax. But Kentucky Democrat John Yarmuth says people want solutions, not politics.

“It’s amusing to me,” says Yarmuth, “to hear a lot of the Republican complaints and their discussion of what we ought to do when they’ve yet to propose an alternative and they talk about repealing it but they’ve offered the American people nothing.”  

Besides medical malpractice reform, which the GOP has championed for years, many Republicans say they want to hash out the details of replacing the law after the Senate acts on their efforts to repeal it. But the repeal bill is expected to die in the Senate, though the issue isn’t going anywhere ahead of November’s elections.