WKU Psychologist Weighs in on Connecticut Shootings

Dec 14, 2012

Credit abcnews.go.com

As the investigation into today's elementary school shooting in Connecticut continues, a psychology professor from Western Kentucky University is offering some advice for reporters at the scene.

Dr. Bill Pfohl is chair of a team that studies school shootings for the national association of school psychologists. He says children who have experienced trauma don't need to be interviewed by TV reporters.

"I think the pressure that the media could put these children under could be quite damaging, and could actually cause some long term problems that weren't there before," said Pfohl.

He says it’s important to understand that the trauma is not limited to those who actually witnessed the school violence. He urges parents to limit the amount of time youngsters watch news coverage of the tragedy.  More advice from the national association of school psychologists can be found at the group's website, nasponline.org