Walker Not Guilty

Jul 19, 2012

A jury found Jerry Wayne Walker Jr. not guilty yesterday of charges associated with a fatal 1998 Murray State University dorm fire. 

The prosecution and defense gave their closing arguments yesterday morning, summing up the week and a half long trial. Defense attorneys Dennis and Richard Null discussed prank calls made by rugby team members that night to a student in Walker’s dorm, suggesting they may have been responsible for the fire. Commonwealth Attorney Mark Blankenship focused on letters Walker wrote containing knowledge he says only the guilty party would have. Both sides argued about whether or not the one gallon of gasoline Walker purchased the night of the fire would have been sufficient to fuel this particular fire. But, in the end, only the defense was happy with the outcome.

“We had faith that the jury system would work, and so I was very proud of the jury, very thankful for their work. So, we’re very pleased tonight,” says Richard Null.

This was a retrial for Walker. His original trial in 2001 ended in a hung jury.