[UPDATE: Snakes of West KY Slideshow] Are We In for a Snake-y Summer?

May 21, 2014

UPDATE: We've added the complete "Snakes of Western Kentucky and Neighboring States" slideshow presentation compiled by Dr. Ed Zimmerer.

Seen a sneaky snake lately? This year's lush spring/summer weather may mean lots of biological activity - including snakes, though it doesn't necessarily mean we're in for a 'snake-y summer.' To explain, local snake expert and Murray State Jones College of Science Engineering and Technology Professor Dr. Ed Zimmerer joins us on Sounds Good to talk about all things snakes.

Misinformation, lack of information, and irrational fears have affected snake populations. In fact, many snakes in our area are harmless. In Tennessee, it's illegal to harm, kill or remove snakes from the wild without proper permits (also for certain snakes in Illinois). Here are some snake identification guides:

Kentucky Snake Identification Guide.

Tennessee Snake Identification Guide.

Illinois Snake Identification Guide.