Universities Make Energy Efficiency Priority

Lexington, KY – Kentucky universities are making energy efficiency a priority in their construction projects. Transylvania University officials say a residence hall at the Lexington school is the first in Kentucky to earn the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star rating. Physical plant director Darrell Banks says the extra cost of building the green' dorm can be recaptured in just a few years.

"And on this building the products used Transylvania can recoup the additional cost in a relatively short period of time you know we're not talking about a 15 year payback on anything it's more like three to four years."

Energy Star is a federal program recognizing energy performance in buildings as a way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Murray State University Communications Director Catherine Sivills says since last year, university architects have taken energy efficiency into consideration when creating designs. Sivills says future green projects include developing solar powered bus stops for a campus-wide shuttle service.