Ukrainian Photographers Hold Paducah Exhibition, Talk Crimea

Mar 26, 2014

Credit Lance Dennee

Two Ukrainian-born, Moscow-based photographers, hosting an exhibition Thursday in Paducah, have a unique viewpoint about the current political upheaval in Crimea and U.S./Russia relations.

Arthur Bondar and Oksana Yushko are currently in Paducah as part of the Paducah Arts Alliance’s Artist-in-Residence program and have been speaking to photography clubs and students this week ahead of the exhibition.

Bondar says the situation in Ukraine has been a result of dissatisfaction with the Ukrainian government.

“If people are not satisfied with their life and the conditions of their life, it’s normal that they would want to change their lives for the better," Bondar said. "I truly hope that they will not regret about that.”

Yushko said importance should be placed on the people in Crimea and not on political issues.

“Russia and Ukraine have been always friends and they should stay friends and it’s very important not to push them to be enemies or something like this," Yushko said.

Bondar and Yushko’s exhibition is Thursday from 5-8 p.m. at the Ruth Baggett Gallery in Paducah.