Thread Drawing & 'Crazy Girl' Painting Workshops at Ephemera Paducah

Jan 14, 2014

Here's your opportunity to give that old, torn up quilt a new lease on life. Alabama dollmaker, painter and ceramicist Sunny Carvalho chats with Kat Lochte about her thread drawing and crazy girl painting workshops at Ephemera Paducah, Friday and Saturday (January 17 and 18). 

In the thread drawing class, she teaches how to turn your thread drawings into a piece of stylish, functional art. According to the website, students will need to bring their own sewing machine, a darning foot, an old quilt, a disappearing ink pen, and some black thread... and your imagination! In Crazy Girl Painting, the medium is painting whimsicas, fun faces on Gesso-board. 

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