Steve Beshear Wins Another Term as Kentucky Governor

Nov 8, 2011

Murray, KY – Governor Steve Beshear says Kentucky voters rejected the "politics of obstruction and intolerance" in his win over Republican challenger and Senate President David Williams. In his concession speech, Williams says he's ready to switch from campaigning against Beshear to working with him.

"We are gonna try to find common ground to work together on and I think all of you expect us to do that, all Kentuckians, and I look forward to talking to him," Williams said.

Beshear said he's optimistic about the future, but says it time for members of both parties to put aside their differences to keep the state moving in the right direction. In his victory address he said,

"Let's reject the political philosophy that says that you have to oppose an idea simply because your political opponent proposed it or because your political leader tells you to."

Beshear won by more than 20 percentage points, which he credits to voters ignoring their party affiliations and doing what's "best for the Commonwealth."