Staff Pick from Calloway Co. Library: 'Perfect Puppy'

Sep 3, 2013

Looking for a good book to read to your kids, but not sure where to start? Make a visit to your public library! Here's the first in our series of recommended reads from the staff at the Calloway County Public Library, Perfect Puppy by Stephanie Calmenson, reviewed by Diane Daubert. 

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Review: This is a story that is true both on the puppy's side as well as the human side. Puppies want to please and love getting praise. Humans, when we get a puppy or dog we hope to have a "perfect" one. What we really mean and want, though, is the perfect puppy for us. This story shows how much of a handful a puppy cna be and all the puppy wants and thinks is he's being good and is the "perfect puppy." Even though they might chew on our shoes and get covered in mud, we still love them unconditionally because they are an irreplaceable part of our family just like a person would be. Perfect Puppy is a great book for young children to read to themselves or to have a parent read to them. The illustrations are wonderful to look at and they depict what the author has written on the page very well, so children can see and hear what is happening. A very cute book!

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