Sounds of the Silver Screen Returns with a New Season

May 24, 2012

WKMS Producer David Weatherly begins a new season of Sounds of the Silver Screen on WKMS Sunday, June 3 at 7 p.m.  Weatherly's fascination with cinematic soundtracks has led him to continue creating Sounds of the Silver Screen for WKMS during summertime months. The new season airs Sundays in June and July.

The theme for the season premiere is “The Hunter and The Hunted - Films about extreme hunting.” David will feature music from The Hunger Games, The Ghost and The Darkness, The Omega Man, Battle Royale, and Mouse Hunt.

The rest of the season includes the following themed shows: “Hit Me With Your Best Shot- Films dealing with assassins;” “Getting the Heck Out of Dodge- Films dealing with escape;” “Arrrrgh!- Films about pirates;” “Holding Out For A Hero – Fourth of July special;” “The Children’s Hour- Movies adapted from Children’s Books;” “The Con is On- Films about confidence men;” “By the Numbers- Films with numbers in the titles (not sequels);” “The Bible Tells Me So- Biblical Epics.”

As usual Weatherly showcases soundtracks from recent films like The Adventures of Tintin, Hugo, and District 9, and older favorites such as The Great Escape, The Grifters,and Patriot Games.

Producer and host of House Blend Friday nights 9 to 11 on WKMS, David Weatherly is also a full-time School Based Speech Language Pathologist. David has been with WKMS for the better part of 20 years and has a lifelong interest in music of all kinds which inspires his programming.

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