Smithland Cancels Firework Display Due to Lack of Pyrotechnic Operator

Jun 30, 2014

Smithland residents will need to go elsewhere to see fireworks this year.

The Smithland Area Chamber of Commerce announced Friday it won’t be able to put on its usual riverfront Fourth of July fireworks display this year due to a change in operator regulations. 

Chamber Treasurer Paula Bell says the Smithland fire and rescue squad had always put on the show for the Livingston County community in the past, but fire officials informed them last year that the town would need a registered pyrotechnic to operate the display.

“The Chamber has always financed the Fourth of July fireworks, and based on needing to get a licensed individual, plus the insurance, plus purchase the fireworks, we did not have the funding to do that this year," said Bell. "Hopefully, maybe next year we can pick that up again if we have some more funding, but we just weren’t able to do that this year.” 

K.R.S. statutes dictate a firework operator must be licensed by the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms and undergo sufficient training before handling a display.

As for residents launching their own fireworks, the Kentucky Fire Marshal has these tips for safely celebrating. 

The next closest Fourth of July display for Smithland residents is Calvert City’s Ameribration display, or read here for other firework displays in the area next weekend.