Sequestration Could Affect Ft. Campbell Employees

Mar 1, 2013

Credit Fort Campbell photo

Without a deal to stop sequestration, Fort Campbell’s garrison commander says the installation’s more than 8,000 civilian employees could face up to 22 unpaid days off this year. Col. David Dellinger says if all civilian employees go on that furlough, the cut would total $70 million. But he says that would take until the end of the fiscal year.

“No one will get furloughed without that individual getting a 30-day notice," he said. "As we look at this in timeliness, we’re looking at, you know, some 30-plus days before the first person will not show up to work or will be released an hour, two hours early, or however that is worked out with that individual.”

But Dellinger did say a few of the more than 8,000 employees could lose their jobs.

“Temporary workers were one of the immediate casualties of this situation.," he said. "The guidance that came out middle of January was to on order release our temporary employees and then not expect the term employees when their period of employment ran out, that they would go away and not be replaced.”

Fort Campbell leaders are also looking at cutting back civilian employee salaries, maintenance costs and other operating costs.