Road Salt in Low Supply, High Demand in Kentucky

Mar 5, 2014

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says salt supplies statewide are reaching critically low levels. 

A nationwide salt shortage and perpetual snowfall has diminished supply.

The state has used more than 410,000 tons of salt this season, compared with 160,000 tons at this point last year.   More salt is on order, yet officials are unsure when it will get delivered.

“With the regional demand in this part of the country, there just is no salt to find anywhere," explained Transportation Spokesman Chris Jessie.  "We’re on the waiting list, and we’ve been ordering salt all along, it’s just the supply has stopped.”

Some counties are in worst shape than others, so to level supplies, salt has been shifted among highway districts, and the state’s emergency reserve has also been tapped.

Currently, the state has less than 70,000 tons of salt on hand.  Historically, this amount has been more than enough for the winter, but the transportation cabinet wants to make sure every county has enough salt to handle another snow and ice event.