RiffTrax Brings Classic Zombie Flick to Paducah Theater

Oct 18, 2013

On Thursday, October 24th, Cinemark Paducah is offering a live national simulcast of George Romero's seminal 1968 zombie flick "Night of the Living Dead." What makes this unique? One word: Rifftrax. And if you don't know what that is, here's five more words: Mystery Science Theater 3000.

The team behind the 90s cult favorite will the film their unique attentions, but first Riffer Bill Corbett gives Todd Hatton his attention to tell us about it. Bill Corbett is a former co-writer and performer on Mystery Science Theater 3000 along with Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy. The three now make up the team behind Rifftrax and they're riffing on "Night of the Living Dead" live October 24th at Paducah's Cinemark Theater in a national simulcast.