Republicans Favored in TN Elections

Nov 2, 2010

Nashville, TN – Republicans are expecting big gains in Tennessee today. As many as three congressional seats are in play as well as the governor's office. Some voters say they're dissatisfied with Washington. That's why Kenneth McGilton of Dickson won't be voting Democrat as he has in years past.

"This year it's straight Republican, straight down the board. If he had a Republican beside his name, I voted for him. I just want to send a message."

Tennessee's 8th District Congressman John Tanner, a Democrat, is retiring this year. He is one of his party's more conservative members in Congress. Republican nominee Stephen Fincher is favored to win against Democrat Roy Herron in that race. The GOP's nominee for governor, Bill Haslam, is also heavily favored to replace term-limited Democrat Phil Bredesen.