Regents Choose To Keep Presidential Search Confidential

Sep 6, 2013

Credit Murray State.EDU

Murray State University Board of Regents Chairman Constantine Curris says the board has come to a consensus that the presidential search should be confidential up until the final stages.

The regents discussed confidentiality at their annual retreat Thursday. Curris says the kind of candidate Murray State is looking for should be open to some exposure.

"When the committee narrows the number of candidates between 2 and 4, at that point the names of these candidates will be made public," Curris said. "They will each come to the campus. They will meet with constituents in an open public forum and interview with the board. There was basically a consensus with the board, not unanimous, but a consensus to reaffirm that position."

Presidential search firm Witt/Kieffer suggested in a search committee meeting Wednesday that the search be completely closed until the final candidate was chosen.  At the retreat the board also discussed renovation plans for Waterfield library and an update on the new Paducah campus.