Redistricting Plan to Cost Hopkins County $100,000

Apr 4, 2014

Over $100,000 in Hopkins County taxpayer money will be allocated to a federally mandated redistricting of Kentucky’s legislative boundaries.

HB1 2013, enacted in August, was created to adjust districts based on population changes. Redistricting occurs every 10 years.

Hopkins County Chief Deputy Clerk Keenan Ratliff said the higher-than-usual costs will mostly go toward voting machines, postage and advertising.

“Unfortunately, redistricting is not federally or state funded and so that does come out of the Hopkins County budget,” Ratliff said.

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Ratliff collaborated with Geographic Information System Coordinator Kim Ezell on the project over 8 months, during which Ratliff said they saved the county about $20,000.

Hopkins County will now have 50 precincts, up from 40 prior to the shift.

Ratliff said she urges voters to know all important information, and to bring required documents before heading to the polls in May.

“That will only help the ease of the transition so that they (voters) don’t stand in a long line," Ratliff said. "We all know time is very valuable, so if we can streamline the process -if the voter will take their notification card with them to their voting location- that would be very helpful."

If voters have any questions, they are encouraged to contact the Hopkins County Clerk’s Office at (270) 821-7361 or visit