Ray Coursey Jr. on Voter Turnout

Nov 8, 2011

Murray, KY – It's election day in Kentucky and experts predict a fairly low voter turnout. Secretary of State Elaine Walker expects turnout at around 25 percent. Calloway County Clerk Ray Coursey Jr. says he believes Calloway can best the state average.

"I'd like for Calloway County to get 30 percent. I'd like for Calloway County to be a shining example here that we do get out, and we do vote."

Coursey says it's hard to say how many people will actually come out to vote. He says there are a number of variables, like weather, that can affect turnout. And there are chances of rain in the area. But Coursey says efforts are being made to make the process less time consuming, and encourages all eligible voters to cast their vote.