Rand Paul No Debate?

Oct 19, 2010

Frankfort, KY – Rand Paul's heated debate with Jack Conway Sunday night may have been his last. Brenna Angel reports the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate is still outraged over a Conway campaign ad.

Less than 24 hours after he refused to shake hands with democrat Jack Conway after a debate in Louisville, Rand Paul said at a press conference in Lexington he's reconsidering the final debate between the two Senate candidates

"I would say that I'm disappointed where the level the debate's gone. It does affect me and my family to talk about my faith, and I'm not sure if I will appear again with him. We haven't fully decided, but I'm not sure if I'll appear in public with someone who's going to question my religion."

The television ad that Conway defended in Sunday's debate focused on allegations that Paul tied up a woman when he was in college and made her worship an idol called "Aqua Buddha." Paul is already out with a counter ad, calling Conway a false witness. A final debate is scheduled for October 25 on KET.

In a statement, Conway spokesman John Collins says Rand Paul should keep his commitment to the KET debate and "explain his actions to the people of Kentucky."