Public Service Commission to Hold Public Meetings for Big Rivers Electric Rate Increase

Jun 5, 2013

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The Kentucky Public Service Commission will conduct public hearings in Paducah, Henderson and Owensboro over a proposed rate hike for electric customers who could see their bills increase by nearly 20 percent.

The proposed hike comes as Big Rivers Electric attempts to raise a $74.5 million to fill a budget hole left by its biggest customer, Century Aluminum and pay debt obligations.

The possible 20 percent increase would account for an extra $24 per month for the average customer. Industrial customers would see nearly 17 percent rate increases.

The public meetings are all on June 13 in Henderson, Owensboro, Paducah and Brandenburg.

The current proposed hike doesn't take into account another expected increase when Sebree's Rio Tinto Alcan smelter terminates its Big Rivers contract in January.  Century Aluminum acquired that smelter this week. It accounts for a quarter of Big Rivers Business.