Prichard Committee Report Shows Strong Gains in Kentucky Student Achievement

Dec 7, 2012


Kentucky is moving steadily toward the top-tier of states in key education measures according to the “Top 20 by 2020” report from the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence.

The report examines 20 education categories in Kentucky, and compares them to other states. Prichard Committee Executive Director Stu Silberman says the commonwealth is making the biggest gains in student achievement. He says,

"Probably the biggest highlight in the report is that our 4th Graders were 4th in the country in science. And that's a great accomplishment, and definitely an area of pride for the state."

Silberman says the state needs to improve education funding per student, and college graduation rates for science, engineering, and technology students among other areas. He says Kentucky is among the bottom 10 states in both categories. Silberman says the report's goal is to get the commonwealth into the top 20 states in the 20 categories measured.