PRDA to Fine Tune Riverfront Project

Oct 23, 2013

The Paducah Riverfront Development Authority officially took the lead from the City Commission on Wednesday to finish planning the final stages of the riverfront redevelopment project.

Reevaluation was assigned from the City Commission to PRDA this month because the project is over budget to be completed as planned.

"The project has resided in city hall with the staff and we've just sort of have been kept abreast of it as it goes along and the thought from the beginning was that we would take over the project at final design stage," PRDA Chairman Bruce Brockenborough said.

He said the city would like to have a recommendation for the new project design in six months. PRDA members are doubling meetings in order to reach this deadline.


Paducah City Commissioner Sandra Wilson meets with the Paducah Riverfront Development Authority on Wednesday, Oct. 22 to discuss the future of the redevelopment project.

Brockenborough said the idea of an enhanced park at the river is not in jeopardy. Authority members spent the first meeting discussing the project history and available resources. The city has spent about nine million dollars on the riverfront redevelopment project, and has 5.1 million dollars of committed funding left.

"When the project was halted by city hall, they determined we were the best positioned agency to try to decide how best to use the funds we have available to fix the park," Brockenborough said.