Police Respond To Suspected Explosive Device in Downtown Hopkinsville

May 5, 2014

An empty explosives case prompted law enforcement to close a section of downtown Hopkinsville this morning.

HPD spokesman Paul Ray says they received call at 10:22 a.m. of a military case marked for carrying explosive ordinance laying in the street on West 10th and Main Street near Ferrell’s Snappy Service restaurant. 

Ray says employees at the restaurant moved the case out of the road onto the sidewalk and called police when they saw it was marked for "explosive ordinance".  They say the case had first been spotted Thursday. 

Fort Campbell explosives specialists responded and opened the case and found it empty. Authorities declared an all-clear by noon. 

Ray says the police can’t verify if the military case originated from Fort Campbell but it’s currently under investigation as to how and why it was left there.