Playhouse in the Park Presents "The Last Five Years"

May 9, 2014

Critics describe The Last Five Years as 'exhilarating' and 'intimate,' a contemporary musical by Jason Robert Brown that takes an intensely personal look at the relationship between a writer and an actress told from both points of view.  The musical comes to Murray's Playhouse in the Park under the direction of Chris Mitchell. On Sounds Good, cast members perform selections from the show. 

Jamie is an aspiring novelist that becomes successful, while Cathy is an aspiring actress whose career stagnates. They fall in love, marry, see different measures of success in their careers, and drift apart. Jamie tells his story chronologically from start to finish, while Cathy tells her story in reverse chronologically in a simple, yet intriguing metaphor of a couple on diverging paths. The entire 90-minute musical has almost no spoken lines or intermission, but is rather one song after another ranging from emotionally wrenching to whimsically upbeat.

The Last Five Years opens at Playhouse in the Park in Murray on Friday, May 16 and runs two weekends, through Sunday, May 25. Tickets range between $8 to $11. 

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