Parenthood Project: 'Awesomely Awake' and Fun Summer Family Activities

Jun 26, 2013

Shawn Fink and Her Daughters
Credit Awesomely Awake and Summerhouse Photography.

School is out and the kids are home for the summer. Now what? 

There are plenty of ways to have a fun summer while you're kids are home. Think about the things you enjoyed as a kid: catching fireflies, playing in the sprinkler, picking flowers, going on a nature walk, making popsicles.

Parenting and family wellness blogger, Shawn Fink, recommends having a slow summer.  Take pressure off yourself and focus on low-cost activities that could be fun for the whole family. You may want to be a little strict with "screen time." Fink has her kids earn their time on the computer, tablet or DVD player. Most importantly, don't forget to take some time for yourself.  Get up early or stay up late and find time to do things that are important to you. And work to schedule time with your spouse or partner sans the kids.  Shawn's Blog: Shawn's 50 Ideas for a Slow Summer Printable: