Paducah Commission Hears Scholarship Plans

Paducah, KY – McCracken County and Paducah High School students may soon be able to catch a free ride to higher education. Rotary Club Task Force Chairman Dwane Tucker introduced the Community Scholarship Program to the Paducah City Commission yesterday. The program would pay two-years of tuition at the West Kentucky Community and Technical College when students complete their high school degree maintaining at least a 2.5 GPA and an attendance rate of 95%. Tucker told commissioners the program would cost about $500,000, half of which may be jointly funded by both the city and county. The other half would come from private means.

In other commission news, an ordinance was introduced to renew the city's ice skating rink contract. Last winter, the rink saw some 18,000 people last winter and costs upwards of $90,000.