Paducah Chooses Top Sites and Seeks Design Proposals for New City Hall

Mar 18, 2015


The Paducah City Commission has voted to develop a request for proposals for architectural and engineering services to design a new City Hall.  

This comes after city directors met in February to score the top 3 sites within the Civic Center Zone to serve as possible locations for the new building. The sites were scored based on zoning, land area, visibility and prominence, parking, pedestrian accessibility, vehicle accessibility, impact on governmental services, construction cost, obstacles, and utility relocations. The existing site received the best score, a site that straddles 5th Street between the existing facility and Dolly McNutt Plaza ranked second,  and the Dolly McNutt Plaza ranked third. 

The request for proposals process and design phase will take a year. If construction requires City Hall employees to vacate the current building, city services will move to the former social security building on South 7th Street.