PACRO Releases Funds For Region's Economy

Feb 7, 2013

Credit iStock

Paducah Area Community Reuse Organization, or PACRO, is moving to release funds to support several job creating initiatives in the Purchase Region.

PACRO was created by the Department of Energy to offset any loss of jobs in case the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant were to downsize its employees. The funds are administered by the Purchase Area Development District, or PADD. PADD Director Jennifer Beck-Walker says PACROS funds are meant to diversify the region’s economic standing.

“That’s the goal, create more jobs in the regions,” Walker said. “So as people lose their jobs, whether it’s from the Gaseous Diffusion plant or any plant, they have a place to go. And they can continue to be self-sufficient and maintain their quality of life and their standard of living.”

The funds, which total 1.3 million dollars, will go to help support the new Kemmerich Plant in Murray, an unnamed Plant in Fulton, Two Rivers Fisheries in Ballard County and an expansion of Ace Compressor in Mayfield.

PACRO has not released any funds in the past six years. Beck-Walker says that is because there have been no requests since the start of the recession and this signal a changing business climate.