Non-Commercial, Educational Station WKMS Fundraising Underway

Feb 28, 2013

Murray, KY. Murray State’s NPR station, 91.3 WKMS is engaging listeners in the first fundraiser of 2013. The on-air portion of the fund drive begins March 6 and continues through March 16 with special guests and gifts.

WKMS Membership Coordinator Jenni Todd says, “Listeners who get in touch with us, with or without a commitment, by March 5 are included in an iPad Mini Giveaway on March 6.”

Station Manager Kate Lochte says, “Our spring goal is the same as it’s been for several years now, $130,000 in community support.”  Lochte adds, “Our goal is to welcome 150 new members this spring. We’re excited to offer new members and renewing contributors thank you gifts shown at” 

This spring, the KY Circuit Court Clerks' Trust for Life partners with the station for the WKMS tote bags thank you gift available to donors who contribute at the $120 level.

Area businesses and corporations assist WKMS by providing matching grants during each on-air campaign. Akridge Farm Supply and Ace Hardware of Eddyville and Fredonia has again provided WKMS with a Big Green Egg cooker as the campaign’s special gift to be given away when the station meets its goal. Music One of Murray has contributed a guitar to be given away during the March 16 Music From the Front Porch.

Friday, March 1, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., WKMS hosts a special early-bird fundraising event with live string band music in Studio A for Sounds Good with Tracy Ross. One of the rotating hosts of Music from the Front Porch, Mike Gowen, joins in to introduce old-time string music of the Purchase Region with Nathan Blake Lynn and Josh Coffey, known through Bawn in the Mash and other groups.

On Sunday, March 3, at 9 a.m. there’s a special WKMS News presentation, “West Kentucky High Iron,” an hour-long feature about our region’s railroading past, present and future.

Saturday, March 9, from 5 to 8 p.m. "The Communicators" Dr. Vee and Dr. Trey (Bob Valentine and Bob McGaughey) join WKMS for a special fundraising edition of Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion. Dr. Trey and Dr. Vee follow in a long line of “two-man standups” that includes Rowan and Martin, Bob and Ray, and Abbott and Costello. It is a rare combination that enables two men to be three times as funny as one. The duo perform nationwide for corporate conferences and educational events.

On Sunday, March 10, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Princeton’s own Alonzo Pennington performs during the second-weekly airing of A Prairie Home Companion. Take a smattering of vintage Allman Brothers Band, a dash of Stevie Ray Vaughan, a spoonful of James Burton, a dollop of Danny Gatton and a pinch of Jerry Reed, throw them all into a big old pot and that’s  “Zo.”

The station raises more than fifty percent of its annual budget through individual donations, business underwriting, and grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.   WKMS listener- volunteers staff the phones (800-599-4737) during the on-air campaign, welcoming call-in contributions of support that maintain broadcast transmissions during the year.

WKMS Development Director Asia Burnett and Underwriter Representative Ronda Gibson arrange corporate matching grant opportunities and may be reached at 800-599-4737.

Contact: Membership Coordinator Jenni Todd (270-809-4748 or