"Night of the Frankenclown" An Original Youth Drama

Oct 30, 2013


WKMS and the middle school kids of Calloway County Public Library bring to you an original story of terror and suspense, of a dreadful monster that turns one slumber party into a nightmarish evening of fear and chaos, that twists the imagination toward the realm of the unknown, and a night none are sure to forget until their dying day. One would think that a night with a clown would be one filled with jolly and laughter, but not on this... "NIGHT OF THE FRANKENCLOWN!"

During fall break, a group of middle school kids met at the Calloway County Public Library with WKMS Youth Radio Producer Matt Markgraf, to learn all about the radio dramas of yesteryear. In a two-hour workshop, they learned how to tell a story using voice, description, and sound effects and worked on an original spooky story for Halloween. 

The story was written, and performed by: Rachel Thompson, Elizabeth Curtis, Joz Mikulcek, Samantha Radomski, and Oskar Vazquez. Matt Markgraf provides narration and post-production. Special thanks to Sandy Linn and Emily Robertson for coordinating the event. We hope you survived to share this original story with friends and family members!