Newly Reinstated HCC President, Selbe's Administrative Leave Was Due to Misconduct

Feb 21, 2013

Jim Selbe
Credit KCTCS

Hopkinsville Community College President Jim Selbe was reinstated today after he was placed on un-paid administrative leave last week for employee misconduct.

The Kentucky Community and Technical College System conducted an investigation into Selbe’s misconduct and have since allowed him to return to work.

Selbe didn’t mention details of his misconduct but did apologize to those involved and his family. Selbe says he’ll face disciplinary action and attend workplace sensitivity training at his own expense.

Here is Selbe's statement:

As President of Hopkinsville Community College (HCC) I have been entrusted with great responsibility to our community, and as the leader of a public higher education institution I am additionally a servant to the people of Kentucky. Because of this position, I believe I owe it to this community and certainly to the hard-working faculty and staff of Hopkinsville Community College to acknowledge any wrongdoing.

Last week I was placed on administrative leave as the Kentucky Community and Technical College System led an investigation into claims of misconduct. It was determined I could return to HCC as president, but I will face disciplinary action. My time on administrative leave will be unpaid. I have also agreed to complete workplace sensitivity training at my own expense.

As I reflect on the actions at the heart of this investigation I acknowledge that I did make mistakes and at times used poor judgment. I was wrong. I know I have violated the trust our employees, and the people of Kentucky, place in me as President to enforce our college and workplace policies. With respect to their privacy I cannot comment on the specific claims or employees involved, but I want to again offer my apology to all who were offended by my thoughtlessness and demonstrations of poor judgment.

Additionally, I also want to apologize to my wife and family. I know that I disappointed them, but they know who I am, and what I stand for. They also know that I did not live up to the standards that both God and I have for my life. The last few days have reminded me of how easy it is to mess up greatly and I also know the importance of moving forward.

I have cooperated fully with the investigation and assured KCTCS President Michael McCall that I will do all I can to continue to serve in this position with the highest standard of character. I am thankful that I am able to return to work as president of HCC and I hope this matter will not provide any additional distractions to the work and mission of our great college to educate our students and serve as a blessing to our region.

Special thanks to WKDZ for the audio used in the broadcast version of this story.