New TN teacher salary plan raises ire

Jul 8, 2013

Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Tennessee Board of Education’s decision last month to change how teachers are paid has led to a social media push to remove Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman.  The Tennessean reports two Facebook pages and a Change dot org petition with hundreds of signatures are calling for Huffman's ouster.  He does have support from Governor Bill Haslam, the state education board chairman and outside education advocates. At issue is a change to the minimum teacher salary schedule, a reduction in salary increase steps and an elimination of incentives for post-baccalaureate training.  Lydia Logan is the managing director of the national education advocacy

group Chiefs for Change.  She says the state has one of the fastest improving education systems in the nation, and attributes it to Commissioner Huffman.  The change has raised concerns among many, including state House Democratic Leader Craig Fitzhugh.  He HeHe p - wrote an opinion piece calling the changes an attack on teachers.