Murray State’s Next President Says University Discussing Short, Long Term Roles with Mid-Continent

Apr 18, 2014

Credit Murray State University

Murray State’s next president, Bob Davies, says while MSU is focusing on helping Mid-Continent University students after their school’s closure, it is also discussing its role in the future of the Mayfield facility.

Lambuth University in Jackson, Tennessee, faced a similar closure in June 2011 due to dwindling finances. The University of Memphis then invested in the campus and began offering classes that August.

While Davies is unfamiliar with that situation, he says the future of Mid-Continent’s campus is unclear.

“I know there are some discussions going on with the (Council on Postsecondary Education) and President Miller and Provost Morgan right now with Murray State’s role both short term and long term, and we will take a very hard look at any of those opportunities that may be presented to us,” he said.

But Davies added that another university like Murray State taking over the campus may not be an option.

“They may have to liquidate that land and facilities, so there may not be anything left of Mid-Continent afterwards,” he said. “You know, but there are 2,500 students that are in need of a solution, and if we can be a part of that solution for them, we will do everything we can to do that.”

Murray State’s transfer center is working with Mid-Continent’s students to either find their place at MSU or find institutions with programs equivalent to what they were studying at MCU.