Murray State Professor Answers Questions About ACA

Oct 4, 2013

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With open enrollment for Kentucky’s health insurance exchange beginning this week, a Murray State University professor answered questions from the uninsured about the Affordable Care Act in an open forum yesterday. Although purchasing insurance can seem daunting for the uninsured under the new system, political science professor Ann Beck says that is not the case.

“It’s just a very doable process, and you will not have very high costs if you have lower income,” she says.

Beck says the only people who should be concerned with Kentucky’s exchange called kynect should be those who currently do not have insurance.

One such person is MSU sophomore Rikki Crayton. She isn’t covered through her parents’ insurance and lost her Medi-Cal coverage when she moved to Kentucky for school.

Crayton says the forum on the health care law answered her questions about where to get insurance, the different types of coverage and services covered under Medicaid or through the state exchange.

Crayton says her peers are largely indifferent about finding health care coverage.

“Some of them already have health insurance through Medicaid and some of them don’t but they still don’t take an interest in it,” she says.

More information is available about the state health care exchange at