Murray-Calloway Transit Authority Annual Audit Shows Marked Improvement

Dec 25, 2013


The Murray-Calloway Transit Authority is making strides to maximize efficiencies of its vehicle routes in 2014.

An annual audit conducted earlier this month revealed to board members a net loss of $223,000 for the MCTA 2013 budget, but that’s an improvement of the $423,000 red figure for 2012. 

MCTA Executive Director Bjarne Hansen says the improvement is owed to consolidating to smaller vehicles and a creating more efficient bus routes.

“Organizational-wise, we’re striving towards using vehicles that are more fuel efficient. Just this year, we were able to purchase GPS systems so that enables us to route our vehicles more efficiently, also be able to track our vehicles, that type of thing. So I think all of that in combination I’m sure you’ll see another decrease.”  

Hansen says the agency is aiming to increase its rider-ship by increasing its presence at Murray State sporting events as well as creating a shuttle route between area hotels and campus. 

The MCTA provides transportation for Medicaid healthcare recipients, educational trips, as well as public pickups.