The Morning Cram [Sikh Temple Shooting & Fancy Farm Mud]

Aug 6, 2012


From NPR: Sikh Temple Shooting Suspect's Ties To White Supremacists Being Probed.

From Kentucky:  Not many Democrats showed up at this weekend's Fancy Farm picnic, but one who did unleashed a flurry of verbal shots at the GOP; the GOP fired back. Kentucky courthouses are closed today; their staffs are on furlough.  Hopkinsville police arrested a weekend shooting suspect. The former head of Kentucky's student loan agencies spent more than $55,000 on travel and entertainment in 2010 and  2011. Kentucky health experts say Lyme disease is under-diagnosed.


From Tennessee: Clarksville police have charged the local Alternative School principal with DUI.

From Illinois: Illinois emergency management officials want teachers to show students a new video on tornado safety while at school. Illinois and Kentucky transportation officials conduct joint walk-through inspections of four area bridges this week.