Metropolis Buying Flood Ravaged Homes to Assist Citizens

Jul 22, 2013

Credit By Nyttend (Own work) [Public domain], Wikimedia commons

  Mayor Bill McDaniel says his city is buying a number of flood-ravaged homes because the state is taking too long to help his citizens. McDaniel says the city council will be voting to commit  $360,000 to purchase ten homes destroyed during major flooding in April of 2011. 

The homes have sat vacant since the floods. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency has earmarked federal relief funds to purchase the homes, but has yet to dispense the funds. Mayor Billy McDaniel...

"It’s been a long, drawn out affair. The ones who actually owned or were buying those homes since then have been making double mortgage payments. Paying on the damaged properties as well as paying for somewhere else to live. That has been quite a hardship."

Once purchased the city will use the lots as green spaces. The land can be redeveloped only if it is raised above the level of the flood plain.