McConnell Blasts Absent Democrats at Fancy Farm Picnic

Aug 4, 2012

U. S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called out Kentucky democrats for missing the Fancy Farm Picnic this year.


McConnell, Kentucky's senior U. S. senator, came to the stage amid a flurry of cheers and jeers from the audience. He then led a roll call of democratic leaders, saying, “Gov. Beshear, are you here? … Lt. Gov. Abramson … Attorney General Conway … State Auditor Edelen …”


Gov. Steve Beshear is on an economic-relations trip to Europe, and McConnell capitalized on the governor's absence and attacked President Barack Obama in the same breath. McConnell said he's glad Beshear is in Europe, “because he's getting a preview of what the US will look like with four more years of Barack Obama.”


Surrogate for the governor Rep. Greg Stumbo blasted back, noting McConnell's absence after his speech.


“I notice Sen. McConnell left,” he said. “There say if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”


Stumbo also blasted republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's gaffs on his recent European trip.