McConnell on Afghanistan

Washington DC – U-S Senator Mitch McConnell says he's ready to hear what president Obama has decided about the war in Afghanistan and the Kentucky republican says he'll stand with the president if Mr. Obama accepts the advice of his top commander in the field.
McConnell thinks its peculiar the recommendation of general Stanley MacCrystal for a troop buildup in Afghanistan has caused months of reflection
"We thought that was going to be the policy, but now we've had an agonizing period of reappraisal over a number of months. I'm hoping the president is going to decide to do the right thing which is to follow the advice of his generals, if he does I'm going to support him."
McConnell says general MacCrystal was the architect of the successful troop surge in Iraq, so it's hard to understand why the strategy wasn't immediately embraced for Afghanistan, too.