Mayfield's Ice House Gallery Celebrates the Humble Gourd

Aug 20, 2014

Have you ever seen a gourd hat? How about a gourd guitar? These versatile plants are the medium in "All About Gourds" - a  national juried competition at the Mayfield/Graves County Art Guild. The deadline for entries is this Saturday and Director Shane Gregory brings the details to Sounds Good.

Shane Gregory, Director of Ice House Gallery in Mayfield says gourds make a great medium for artwork because of their versatility. Gourds are hard like wood and have a smooth surface for painting, drawing, wood-burning, sculptures, carvings and even some creative surprises. In previous years, Gregory says he's seen guitars, hats, lamps, bowls, utensils and sculptures made out of the gourd's insides. The possibilities are nearly endless so long as the artist uses at least 80% gourd.

August 23 is the deadline for entries. Artwork must be delivered by 1 p.m. See details at Ice House Gallery's website or call 270-247-6971. 

The Gourd Patch Festival

Every September, Mayfield pays homage to the gourd in their Gourd Patch Festival. This year, it's on September 20 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. behind the Ice House Gallery. Farmers will be selling gourds, other artisans have booths, beekeepers bring honey, live music, mayor's hayrides and the gourd mobile derby race will be among the events. 

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