Mayfield Independent Schools See Population Increase

Aug 25, 2014

The Mayfield Independent Schools District is seeing a third straight year of increased population.

Over that period, nearly 160 new students entered the district for a 10 percent jump. Prior to this school year, four new rooms were added to Mayfield Elementary.

Superintendent Lonnie Burgett attributes the boost to the work of his staff.

Credit Author: Mario Sánchez Prada, Wikimedia Commons

"We have generally pretty small class sizes, particularly at the middle school and the high school," Burgett said.

"I think that’s very inviting for our parents and for our students, because they are small and the students have a better opportunity to get to know their teachers better."

Burgett says the district’s kindergarten class of 185 is the largest he’s seen.

Contrary to the school system’s growth, Mayfield’s population has remained stable at around 10,000.

Additional class rooms will be built as needed over the next few years.