Massac Unit 1 Life Insurance Goes to Court

Metropolis, IL – Massac County, Illinois Circuit Judge Ronald Eckiss is expected to determine next week what restitution and fees should be paid to some 100 former Unit 1 School District employees. He will also determine if any penalties should be instituted. Eckiss found the school district and Superintendent Bill Hatfield in contempt of court in November, ruling it willfully ignored a court order to change its life insurance policy that charged higher rates for retirees than its current workers. Hatfield tells the Paducah Sun the school district has since complied with the court order and the retirees are now offered a blended rate. The school district's attorney has filed a brief to rebut any calls for penalties against Hatfield or the district after the retirees' attorney filed a request that Hatfield be fined or imprisoned.