Marshall County Looking to Rebrand Tourist Image

Nov 14, 2013

The Marshall County Fiscal Court has thrown its support behind an effort to rebrand the county, in order to aid  marketing and tourism.

Marshall County Tourist Commission Executive Director Randy Newcomb said two companies are being considered to conduct an exhaustive 10-month study.

“Our opinions of what we think draws people here can be greatly different from the reality,” Newcomb said. “These companies will be able to tell us not only who’s coming here, but they’re going to be able to tell us what they’re buying while they’re here and what their habits are.”

The two companies are North Star Destination Strategies and ChandlerThinks.

Newcomb said once the county selects the firm it will  use a program to find pockets of people with similar buying and traveling habits throughout the country. He estimates the rebranding study will begin in January and cost $54-58 thousand.