Magistrate Says Proposed Logging Ordinance "Moderate"

Aug 8, 2012

The chair of the Hopkins County Transportation Committee says a proposed logging ordinance that fines undocumented loggers takes a moderate stance on logging regulations. Magistrate Shaun Roberts says the county has spent tens of thousands of dollars this to repair road damage done by logging companies that don’t report their activities.

Roberts says increased logging activity in the region has led many counties to adopt their own logging ordinances.

“Some communities went a little stronger and more aggressive than we did by requiring the logging outfits to bond the roads," said Roberts. "We felt like that was too aggressive because a lot of our logging outfits are not big business or big corporations and by requiring a bond that would have overburdened the business, we felt like.”

Hopkins County’s proposed ordinance requires companies to notify local officials of their logging locations, and work out a route to take ahead of time. Those who fail to do so will face a 100 dollar fine the first time, and a 500 dollar fine the second time. Roberts says companies will face a ban for the third offense. Loggers will also be responsible for the cost of any road damage. The ordinance has its second reading Aug. 21.