LBL Looks for Public Input on Cuts One More Time

Jul 12, 2012

Land Between the Lakes officials are giving the public a final chance to comment on suggestions for budget cuts and fee increases at the park.

The changes are due to a nearly $850 thousand dollar cut to the park’s maintenance budget. LBL Customer Service Manager Brian Beisel  says they’re trying to make sure they didn’t miss anything.

“We’re looking for new information, and specific to each proposal," said Beseil. "We know there are people who don’t like some of these things; we don’t like some of these choices that we have to make. But it’s a way for them to have one more look at what we’re proposing to do to meet the budget that we have to work with.”

Beisel says they are taking suggestions until August 1st, when they will start implementing the changes. Beisel thinks the cuts and fees they are considering will ensure the park’s sustainability for the next few years. A full interview with Beisel about the changes coming to the park can be heard on the Front Page, this Sunday at 9 am.