Lawmaker Pushes For 'No Show' Fees in Medicaid

Dec 23, 2013

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A Louisville Senator would like to see ‘no show’ fees implemented for Medicaid patients who miss doctor appointments.  Julie Denton, who chairs the State Senate’s Health and Welfare Committee, says such fees are applied in Arizona.  Denton would like to see a pilot project be established in Kentucky.

“When they’ve got some skin in the game, it’s good for the patients to get their procedures done, it’s also good for the provider, so we need to start, since we’re expanding the Medicaid population, they’ve got to have some skin in the game and I know the Secretary is working on some copays for this population,” said Denton.

Denton also applauds work being done in the Health and Family Services Cabinet on co-pays for Medicaid patients.

“They need to be significant enough that people aren’t willy nilly using services, that they’re going to the appropriate place at the appropriate time and getting those services,” added Denton.

Denton along with 137 other state lawmakers return to Frankfort in early January for the start of the 2014 general assembly session.